How to Vine on Let There Be Vines

This group is dedicated to trading and vining
legal recordings of live music especially
the Grateful Dead and related discussion.
You must register to view and participate in this board. Do not encode to MP3. It is illegal to buy or sell recordings here.
Trade of commercial releases expressly forbidden.

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How to Vine on Let There Be Vines

Postby larryo » Sun Dec 05, 2004 1:14 pm

How to Vine on Let There Be Vines

Let There Be Vines is a private, members-only community whose main business is distributing music through vines. We discuss other methods and sources of collecting and the music and a wide variety of topics. This is a moderated community and rules exist for behavior in discussion (loose) and participation in the vines (strict). Vining is a privilege extended to those who demonstrate an understanding of the responsibility that comes with participation. Violations of vine rules will result in a suspension of vine privileges and banishment from the site.

What Kind of Vines Are Here
There are vines of many different artists here. It is expressly forbidden to vine recordings which have been released commercially. Most are recorded by amateurs with the express consent of the artists. There are many vines of the Grateful Dead and members of the Dead in various other groups or performing solo. What are not here are vines of Grateful Dead recordings which are already vined at Deadvines , a collection of ‘best source’ recordings with authoritative source documentation. If a vine exists there of a recording, it should not be vined here. Collectors interested in collecting the Grateful Dead are encouraged to join Deadvines. The Dead vines that are here are alternative sources, other media types including VCD and the more recent Dead performances.

Vines are a fun and economical way to collect a wide variety of high quality music. For people who don’t have broadband they are a much more efficient way to collect than downloads. Most vines are discs containing compressed files of the performances. If you have questions about the formats used see this SHN faq

While there is no stringent requirement for authoritative source documentation here, seeders are urged to document their sources fully. Similarly, lossy formats such as MP3 are not to be traded or seeded here.
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